Client Management with powerful features

In addition to the Scripting Framework Engine and Suite, we now offer a Console with Client. Integrated into the Console is the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). Get a complete solution for your OS and software deployment.


  • OS Deployment (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Integration)
  • Software Deployment
  • Inventory


  • Easy operation due to a smart interface and configuration
  • Excellent value for money
  • Minimum infrastructure and technical requirements
  • Supports software distribution over the Internet
  • Easy initial installation and simple to update
  • High performance and low resource use
  • Fully automatic installation of operating systems and software (zero touch)
  • Automatic detection of hardware and assignment of drivers
  • Varied and efficient assignment options of packages: active directory OU structure, AD groups, client location, operating system, hardware type and direct allocations to the client


  • Installation of the Windows operating systems server and client
  • Automatic driver installation depending on the device type
  • Installation of the operating system via PXE boot or via USB stick for mass rollout or offline devices
  • Installation from MasterImage
  • Wake On LAN


  • Assignment of Software by Location, Operating System, Types (All, Notebook, Server, Workstation), AD OU’s, AD Groups, Single Devices
  • Software packages can be grouped and allocated
  • Determine the installation order
  • Make individual packages available with the software kiosk
  • Push Actions – Process now or Scheduled
  • Re-Install and Uninstall easily definable in the console
  • Query the installation status
  • Distribution over multiple locations with automatic synchronization
  • Inventory data
  • Remote Control
  • Rollout of the Scripting Framework Client from the Console


Scripting Framework System Deployment is licensed per managed workstation (annual subscription).