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Scripting Framework is a PowerShell Library, with a large number of functions, which are required for software distribution.

You need at least MS PowerShell 3.0 or later. If you are using dynamic configurations, a File Share and an AD account is also required. Scripting Framework is independent for other software distribution solution and can used with it.

No, it is not necessary to create the existing packages in your company new. It is perfectly possible to use scripting framework for individual or for future packets.

As a result of the already finished and clearly defined functions is no PowerShell knowledge, for a successfully using, required.

The using of Scripting Framework together with private PowerShell code is not a problem and is one of the strength of our toolkit.

A complete repackaging is necessary only in exceptional cases, since usually the original setup of the manufacturer is used. To carry out this supervision and then to set the desired settings, a powerful wrapper is necessary. Scripting Framework and the associated Packager gives you a optimal support. In contrast to a full MSI repackaging, the existing package can be copied to the newest version, and the vendor files are replaced. Changes in the installation script are by the most consistent installation process minimal.