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Edit the installation script with Microsoft PowerShell ISE
Creating a Self-Executable file (.exe)
Remote Manager
The user is informed that one or more installing applications are automatically closed.
The notification is also visible as a balloon in the taskbar.
Announcement of a software installation with the display of applications, which will be closed for installation. The user has the ability to move the install; the parameters can be set by the administrator.
The announcement of the installation software is also displayed in the taskbar as a balloon.
Blocking of the entire user screen during the installation process. For blocking the function SF-Lockscreen is available (this also works under the System account).
Display during the installation of the package, if it is open manually through the Install.exe.
Display during the uninstall of the package, if it is open manually through the Uninstall.exe.
The user settings which are defined in the package are applied to registered users immediately.