Software packaging with PowerShell.
Scripting Framework provides you with all the functions you need for software packaging. The corresponding Suite contains all tools, which are available as well as the Script Engine and support you optimally.
The tools are continually extended and are included in the subscription.

The Windows PowerShell Toolkit offers numerous functions that are required for the software packaging, general scripting and the eventual deployment. It simplifies your company the complex challenges that you will encounter more and more in this area. With this toolkit, you can replace VBScripts, WiseScripte, batches, etc. with a versatile and extensible tool and increase the quality. With the large number of existing and special selection of functions and the structure you can reach a unified packaging and standardization. The entire logic (for example, voice switches, settings such as server name, etc.) can be dynamically and centrally in Scripting Framework package. The available functions are structured and easy to understand and can be used successfully without PowerShell knowledge. This flexibility allows you to customize standard packages for different positions or locations with different settings. Hybrid packages which running on Server (Citrix) and Clients and using different settings and architectures (x86 / x64), are easy to realize. Thus, you can create in the future only a single package, which covers the entire requirements. Another unique feature is the simplicity of how to implement existing user settings within seconds in one package.

All existing features are also available outside of a scripting framework package called “scripting” mode. This allows the Toolkit be used very flexibly in different scenarios, for example: Dynamic App-V packages which need different settings depending on location.


You don’t need PowerShell skills. A large number of functions, especially in the field of packaging and software deployment are available.

You develop packages and scripts, with a uniform appearance, regardless of complexity.

MS PowerShell is established and the future in the Scripting section. Use it for software packaging!

More than 50 functions for installing and uninstalling applications, delete files and folders including the automatic closing of the active executables and open trade, writing registry values (32-bit and 64-bit), copying files, installing and de-installing AppV packages, shortcuts, fonts, services, etc. It is of course also possible in addition to use own PowerShell code within the Scripting Framework packages.

With the optional user script, you can manage complex settings very easy.
You can write Registry Key’s, copy files to the user profile, create shortcuts, write INI file entries, etc. quick and easy. In addition, Scripting Framework applied the user settings automatically, without user Log Off / Log On after the package installation. This for all on the device registered users.

Creating a single package, for different locations, for example, use with different server names.

The simultaneous use on Citrix and clientsno matter if it is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

All software packages that are created with scripting framework can be (independent producers) are provided with easily of your particular software distribution.

Scripting Framework is easily integrated into your existing environment.

This Toolkit has been successfully used by our customers.

Environment Integration

  • Optimized for use with the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
  • Scripting Framework is compatible with all known by us Software Deployment solutions. Porting of existing Scripting Framework packages to a new distribution system is possible and thus gives you maximum flexibility.
  • There are returned standard return codes (analog Windows Installer), which can be analyzed.
  • Integrates with App-V packages using Scripting Framework “Scripting Mode” (scripting and Embedded Scripting for AppV 5.x)

Technical requirement

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 or higher
  • Microsoft PowerShell 5.x
  • A Share for the central configuration files of packages
  • A service account which has “Read” permissions on the Share with the configuration files.



The Packager can record what is e.g. changed by software installing on the system (files and Windows registry).


From a Scripting Framework package or from a single script file, it’s possible to create an executable file (.exe) with the EXE Generator.


The tool converts Scripting Framework packages to the .intunewin format. After conversion, the package can be uploaded to Intune automatically and with just one click.

REG File Converter

The REG File Converter allows you to quickly and easily convert exported registration files (*.reg) to Scripting Framework code.


With the Remote Manager a connection can be established to a desired computer. After that, it’s possible to show the installed Scripting Framework packages. Also install / uninstall packages is possible with a few clicks.


Quickly and efficiently create a Scripting Framework Package in the SCCM as an application with the collections. Creation is based on the settings you have defined in the “Global Default Options”.


With the Script Generator, a package can be created very easily and quickly via a graphical interface.


The Support Collector Tool collects all important information and logs that are relevant for a support case.